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Scented, Natural, Vegan, 50 ml ℮ 1,69 fl oz WHAT IS IT? Virgin Andiroba Oil is a natural oil produced from the seeds of Carapa Guaianensis, a tree belonging to the Meliaceae family. Typical of the rain forest, it grows in the Amazon, generally on rich soil, in marshes, flood plains, swamps and tablelands. It can grow in the wild or be cultivated, in Brazil and the Tocantins and Rio Solimoes islands, and close to the coast. Andiroba wood is hard, but resistant. In the past, it was shipped to the USA for the furniture industry, since it is durable and untouchable by insects. The Andiroba tree produces brown and woody berries containing a large number of kernels or seeds with a high content (around 63%) of pale yellow oil. This oil is a product of the rain forest and has been used throughout history. Over the centuries, Andiroba oil has been used in various ways by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon and not just in folk medicine. It was and still is used as a fuel for natural lamps, in soap, as a treatment for arthritis and as a repellent against mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Andiroba oil is rich in limonoids and triterpenes, due to the presence of Omega 3 and alpha hydroxy acids, which have a smoothing action on the skin. It is used in cosmetics for topical treatment of the unsightly blemishes caused by cellulite.  COMPOSITION Fruttonero Andiroba Oil is extracted through cold-pressing, without using additives,  solvents and refining processes, to obtain a high-quality product and protect its active ingredients. It is viscous, with a clear yellow-brown colour and a characteristic odour. The external temperature may cause partial or total changes in the product. Andiroba oil is formed of fatty acids (palmitic, oleic and linoleic) and has moisturising, nourishing and soothing properties. The characterising molecules of the oil are: alpha hydroxy acids or fruit acids, which have a smoothing action on the skin, stimulate cell turnover and exfoliate, with a consequent improvement in its appearance. Biologically active limonoids and terpenes with major soothing properties help to prevent muscle contraction and relieve pain, including rheumatic and joint pain, when present.  Meliacines are the group of terpenes that give the oil its bitter flavour and are similar to antimalarial chemical elements (which is why use is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding) Omega 6 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids are natural components of the cell membrane and, together with the palmitic acid present, moisturise the skin. PROPERTIES Smoothing: stimulates micro-circulation of the subcutaneous tissues Draining: promotes the elimination of trapped fluids For cellulite: fights and reduces the unsightly blemishes caused by cellulite Soothing: helps prevent muscle contraction and relieves pain. HOW TO USE Cellulite If massaged constantly, it plays a major role in reducing unsightly cellulite, boosting micro-circulation of the subcutaneous tissues and in draining trapped liquids. Massage into affected areas using upward strokes until completely absorbed. Pure or mixed Often used as a carrier oil in massages, Virgin Andiroba oil can be used in its pure form or mixed with other oils, butters or creams. For example, it can be blended with Shea butter for a dermo-protective effect.  Muscle pain To relieve muscle and joint pain, warm the product in the palms of your hands to prepare for the massage. Apply locally and massage the affected part, distributing the oil evenly until it is completely absorbed. It can also be used before playing sports as preparation and to warm the muscles, thus improving its toning effect. Note: If the oil is partially solid, due to the external temperature, just stir or warm it before use to obtain a smooth texture again. The oil is liquid at 27°C and small crystals may form inside the bottle as the temperature drops. INCI CARAPA GUAIANENSIS SEED OIL*, PARFUM, COUMARIN, HEXYL CINNAMAL, CITRONELLOL, LIMONENE, LINALOOL, ALPHA, ISOMETHYL IONONE, BENZYL SALICYLATE * from natural production. Note: Limonene from natural origin CERTIFIED PRODUCT The sole purpose of the information provided here is to present the product and to offer general information and it should therefore be intended as such is intended.​​​​​​​



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Scented, Organic, Vegan, 30 ml ℮ 1.01 fl oz WHAT IS IT? Argan is a natural oil produced by the Argan fruit tree, a wild plant in the Sapotaceae family that grows exclusively on the Sous plain, in south western Morocco. It is vital to maintaining the ecological balance, as its roots slow down erosion of the soil and the process of desertification. Its unusual characteristics are closely linked to the environment in which it grows and the Argan tree has never been successfully grown outside its area of origin. This thorny evergreen tree can reach up to 10 metres in height. It is suited to the desert climate and can live up to 200 years. The fleshy fruit surrounds an extremely hard nut, containing three small seeds from which the oil is extracted. Like many vegetable oils, Argan oil can also be used in both food and cosmetics, following a different production process. If it is used as a condiment, the seeds are first toasted and then pressed and the resulting oil is dark in colour with a strong odour. For use in cosmetics, the oil is coldpressed and is lighter in colour with a more delicate natural fragrance. COMPOSITION Pure Argan oil is rich in flavonoids, tocopherols, carotenoids and xanthophylls, vitamins and natural antioxidants, needed to contrast skin ageing factors. It is particularly suitable for older skin, due to the substances it contains, which visibly and rapidly improve moisturising  and elasticity. The vitamin A it contains stimulates production of collagen, leaving the skin toned and bright. The vitamin E helps neutralise the reactivity of free radicals. It nourishes the skin and leaves it bright and firm. Argan oil is also a precious ally in haircare and is particularly suited to dry, brittle or treated hair, either used on its own or with normal hair products, leaving it nourished, moisturised and silky.  PROPERTIES ​​​​​​​Anti-Aging: promotes tissue repair while smoothing wrinkles and lines Anti-Oxidising: protects against harsh free radicals Healing: stimulates the renewal of skin cells Elasticizing: stimulates the production of elastin and collagen fibres. HOW TO USE Mature Skin Before bedtime, apply a generous amount of oil to well-cleansed skin. Dab the product with your fingertips across your entire face, leaving a light, regenerating layer of oil to be absorbed during the night. Eye contour area and décolletage For an anti-ageing massage, use your fingertips to apply a pump of oil to the skin of your face. Apply gentle but increasing pressure and, using circular movements, work from the centre of the face to the outside and from top to bottom. For the décolletage, apply one or more pumps of product and massage from the centre outwards. Make-Up Base Distributed over the face and massaged until completely absorbed, it moisturises the skin and prepares it for application of foundation. INCI ARGANIA SPINOSA KERNEL OIL*, PARFUM, EUGENOL, LINALOOL, LIMONENE. * from organic production Note: Limonene from natural origin CERTIFIED PRODUCT ​​​​​​​ The information given here is for general and informative purposes only to present the product and its purpose is to provide general information and as such it is intended.



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Scented, Organic, Vegan, 30 ml ℮ 1.69 fl oz WHAT IS IT Camelia is a member of the Theaceae family. It grows from southern Japan as far as Korea, southern China and the surrounding areas. In the first half of the eighteenth century, two species, C. japonica and C. sinensis, were discovered, but almost 300 have been found since, originating from a small number of natural species and their subsequent hybridisation. Camellia Sinensis is largely known for its use in production of tea, whereas Camellia Oleifera has always been used in cosmetics and food and the oil is extracted from its seeds. Several varieties were imported to Europe around the eighteenth century and their cultivation led to new varieties which spread rapidly from Europe to America, Australia and South Africa. It is a slow-growing evergreen shrub, with shiny green leaves and flowers ranging from red to pink and white in colour. Camellias have always been a symbol of elegance and refinement and were once considered as genuine good-luck charms to offer to the gods. COMPOSITION Frutttonero pure Camellia oil is formed 90% of poly and mono unsaturated fatty acids, with a high content of polyphenols and natural antioxidants, and helps fight common blemishes such as marks. Rich in vitamin A, it timulates production of collagen, which gives the skin tone and elasticity. It also contains a large amount of vitamin E, vital in neutralising  reactivity of the free radicals that damage skin cells.  It can also be used in haircare, strengthening the hair, adding shine and brilliance, as well as calming frizzy hair and leaving it soft. It is greatly appreciated for its benefits and a valid cosmetic remedy for nourishing even sensitive skin, leaving it feeling pleasantly moisturised and supple. PROPERTIES Combating: helps to reduce common skin complaints, in particular blemishes Anti-Oxidising: protects against harsh free radicals Hydrating: restores softness and hydration to the skin Softening: calms skin complaints. HOW TO USE Blemishes Apply a small quantity daily to areas with hyperpigmentation and massage until completely absorbed. Age spots It is recommended to mix Camellia oil with Andiroba oil to reduce the presence of persistent marks. The former helps reduce marks on the skin, while the latter exfoliates and smooths the area with hyperpigmentation, for a more decisive lightening action. For moisturised skin For a softer and more moisturised skin, distribute a small quantity of oil on the skin of the face and massage until completely absorbed. Frizzy hair Apply the oil to damp hair to untangle and soften frizzy hair. Distribute the product with a wide-toothed comb and massage to ensure it is thoroughly absorbed. To transform frizzy hair into a lustrous mane, apply a small amount of product to dry ends and at the roots. ​​​​​​​FRAGRANCE  The product has no fragrance, the smell is that characteristic of the raw material. INCI CAMELLIA OLEIFERA SEED OIL*, PARFUM, GERANIOL, CITRONELLOL, LINALOOL * from organic production​​​​​​​ CERTIFIED PRODUCT The information given here is for general and informative purposes only to present the product and its purpose is to provide general information and as such it is intended.



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Scented, Organic, Vegan, 50 ml ℮ 1.69 fl oz  WHAT IS IT? Cannabis Sativa, a species of the Cannabis genus in the Cannabaceae family, is an annual herbaceous plant that grows in central and southern Asia. This plant has played a major role in the economy and society for centuries: the raw material obtained, hemp, has been used since ancient times to manufactures textiles. It arrived in the west in the eighteenth century, due to the colonial and seafaring expansion of that era, and was used to manufacture rope and tow, but also "oily" substances (for lighting and power), "fibrous" products (textile fibres, clothing, paper) and food (flours and fodder). The leading areas in terms of quality hemp production in Italy were Bologna and Ferrara, turning the country into the world's second largest hemp producer. The first smear campaigns began in the early part of the twentieth century, due to the marked resistance and adaptability of the plant and its abundant production, which threatened the prosperity of competing industries. This was accompanied by a fierce debate over legality of its use, due to the oleoresins of the inflorescence, known to contain a large quantity of psychotropic substances. The properties of the hemp plant have now finally been acknowledged and it is considered useful and important for the oil obtained from its seeds. This oil is hugely valuable to the cosmetics and food industries, due to its acidic composition. COMPOSITION Fruttonero Hemp Oil is is extracted through cold-pressing of the Hemp seeds, without using additives, solvents and refining processes, to obtain a high-quality product and protect its active ingredients. Fruttonero Hemp Oil does not contain any psychotropic substances. Hemp oil is dark green in colour and has a typical grassy odour. It is rich inantioxidants, vitamin A, which stimulates collagen production, vitamins in the B group such as B1, B2 and B6, essential to skin functioning processes, vitamin E, which neutralises the reactivity of free radicals, vitamin F, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, needed for formation and regeneration of the cell membrane, and also proteins, carotenes and mineral salts, an important part of skincare.  Normally recommended for care of the hair and the scalp, it is also an excellent product for treating acne and greasy skin. ​​​​​​​ PROPERTIES Sebum-normalising: regulates excessive sebum production Revitalising: renews cells and improves vigour and vitality Cleasing: helps to remove excess sebum Luminising: nourishes and brightens the skin and hair HOW TO USE Seborrhea and dandruff Apply the oil to the scalp with damp hair. Rubvigorously to help remove dandruff and allow the product to be absorbed. Leave for ten minutes and then shampoo as normal. Scalp Gently massage the head with pure oil for a balancing effect. Alternatively, the oil can be added to a traditional shampoo. Bright and moisturised hair Apply a drop of oil to clean, dry ends to add vitality and shine. Apply evenly over damp hair to moisturise it. Face Apply the oil to the skin of the face with a cotton wool pad. Leave for several minutes and rinse with specific cleanser.   Note: Hemp oil can be used in its pure form or mixed with other oils, butters or creams. Pure Hemp oil is highly fluid and penetrates the skin easily. The colour and odour are the natural ones of the ingredients. ​​​​​​​ INCI HEMP OIL PERFUMED CANNABIS SATIVA SEED OIL*, PARFUM, CITRAL,  LINALOOL,  HEXYL CINNAMAL, GERANIOL, LIMONENE. * from organic production Note: Limonene from natural origin CERTIFIED PRODUCT ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​The information given here is for the general and informative purpose of presenting the product and its purpose is to provide general information and as such are to be understood as such is intended.​​​​​  



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Virgin, Organic, Vegan, 100 ml ℮ 3.38 fl oz WHAT IS IT? Called the tree of life, coconut is one of nature's richest products and can be used from the roots to the leaves and the fruit. The coconut palm, which belongs to the Arecaceae or Palmaceae family, is typical of hot countries and generally grows along the coast, boosted by the positive influence of the sea, the sandy soil, the light and year-round rainfall. Coconut and its by-products play an important role in South-East Asian countries, in the tropical regions of Latin America and in East Africa. Coconut oil was originally widely used in food production, but its use dropped suddenly in the twentieth century, when excessive consumption of saturated fatty acids in food led to an exponential increase in coronary diseases. However now, as in the past, virgin coconut oil is viewed more favourably in food and is also widely used for its cosmetic properties. The virgin oil is obtained through cold-pressing of the fresh coconut, thus maintaining the characteristic fragrance of the milk, in contrast with pure coconut oil, where the fruit must first be dried before mechanical pressing, which alters the odour and the colour. COMPOSITION Fruttonero virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from the coconut pulp through cold-pressing, without using additives, solvents and refining processes, to obtain a high-quality product and protect its active ingredients. Virgin Coconut Oil is highly fluid and transparent in the liquid state, but tends to solidify and turn white at a temperature between 18 and 20°C. It contains a large quantity of vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, which improve moisturising and elasticity of the skin and reduce dryness, and antioxidants. Coconut oil is a source of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, and limits the negative effects of oxidative stress. The presence of lauric acid means the oil is also extremely effective in haircare. PROPERTIES Elasticizing: boosts elasticity of the upper layers of the skin Hydrating: restores softness and hydration to the skin Toning: keeps the cell membrane flexible Protecting: protects skin and hair from the elements, in particular after long exposure to sun and salt HOW TO USE Body To hydrate and tone your body, apply the oil to damp skin immediately after bathing or showering. Massage and leave to be absorbed. Also ideal as an after sun product. Face It is an excellent make-up remover and perfect to remove even the most resistant make-up in a totally natural way. Dampen a cotton pad with oil and gently remove make-up. Eliminate traces of the oil with a cotton-wool ball soaked in warm water. Hair To protect hair from the elements (sun, wind, pool and salt water, smog etc.), apply the oil to the entire length of the hair. Then wash with a normal shampoo, to leave hair soft and moisturised. Pure or mixed Virgin coconut oil can be used in its pure form or mixed with other oils, butters or creams. For example, it can be blended with a face cream for an elasticizing effect. Note: The product may change partially or totally depending on the outside temperature. Simply shake the bottle or immerse it in a little warm water or give it a blast of heat from a hair dryer to restore it to its liquid state. FRAGRANCE The product has no fragrance, the smell is that characteristic of the raw material. INCI COCOS NUCIFERA OIL* * from organic production CERTIFIED PRODUTC The information given here is for general and informative purposes only to present the product and its purpose is to provide general information and as such it is intended.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​