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Classic soap, prepared using the traditional cold method, is the result of a saponification process involving a hydroxide, usually sodium, and a fat of exclusively vegetable origin, now for commercial production. The oils treated in this manner transfer their properties to the soap used for cleaning and for personal hygiene.

The process involves mixing the fatty components with the sodium hydroxide, which is first diluted in water. Times, temperatures and quantities are appropriately calculated depending on the raw material used.

Once the ingredients have been mixed together, the soap, still in the liquid state, is poured into a mould and left to harden, for a time depending on both the quantity and also the type of oil used.

High-quality raw materials create superlative soaps, not only in terms of the fragrance, texture and soft and long-lasting foam, but also for their nourishing, moisturising and cleansing properties.

The Exence Fruttonero soaps are obtained with a hand-crafting process and, due to the extremely high quality of the raw materials and the processing method, they maintain their properties unaltered over time.

They contain no colourants or preservatives and are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Naturally produced pure coconut oil, obtained through mechanical pressing and with no refining processes, is used to create a soap that cleanses and moisturises at the same time.

​​​​​​​The high quantity of unsaponifiable matter in naturally produced Shea butter helps soothe, nourish and protect the skin. The high percentage of organically produced pure oils enhances its properties and ensures excellent quality. The synergistic action of these superb raw materials creates a quality soap which moisturises and thoroughly cleanse