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Pure Line

WHAT IS IT: Of very ancient origins, soap seems to date back to the Babylonian age. Widespread in Egypt and perfected by the Arabs for what concerns the use for daily hygiene, it arrives in Europe in the first millennium. The British start its industrial production, France, Italy and Spain produce excellent quality. Outclassed in the modern age by the latest generation of liquid and synthetic detergents, solid soaps are now finally revalued, and, in particular, those traditionally produced with the cold craft method, appreciated by soap lovers but also rediscovered by young people born in the era of synthetic soap. Improved and optimized above all for the research of precious raw materials, the ingredients used today for the production of solid soap enrich the product with nourishing, emollient and regenerating properties. Perfumed, purifying, exfoliating, moisturizing, classic, enriched with essential oils or pure oils, today's soap represents a perfect combination of creativity, innovation and tradition, transforming a simple and genuine product into an indispensable ally for the care and cleansing of skin.
COMPOSITION: The soaps of the pure fruitonero line, are produced in accordance with the artisan tradition, with the classic cold method, which allows to maintain the nutritional properties unaltered. Free of dyes, preservatives and synthetic perfumes, they are suitable for all skin types. The main ingredient used is pure unrefined coconut oil, which gives the soap moisturizing and nourishing properties. Moreover, thanks to its saponifiable fraction, the olive oil makes the soaps with a soft, emollient and dermoprotective foam. Enriched with essential oils such as lavender, bergamot, verbena and ylang ylang, pure line soaps evoke the pleasure of genuine and simple things of the past, without neglecting the needs of modernity and the pleasure of taking care of yourself.

DETERGENT: removes dirt from the skin, which is therefore well cleansed
​​​​​​​NUTRIENT: provides hydration to the skin
EMOLLIENT: restores softness to the skin and makes it smooth