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Scented, Organic, Vegan, 30 ml ℮ 1.01 fl oz

Argan is a natural oil produced by the Argan fruit tree, a wild plant in the Sapotaceae family that grows exclusively on the Sous plain, in south western Morocco. It is vital to maintaining the ecological balance, as its roots slow down erosion of the soil and the process of desertification. Its unusual characteristics are closely linked to the environment in which it grows and the Argan tree has never been successfully grown outside its area of origin.

This thorny evergreen tree can reach up to 10 metres in height. It is suited to the desert climate and can live up to 200 years. The fleshy fruit surrounds an extremely hard nut, containing three small seeds from which the oil is extracted.

Like many vegetable oils, Argan oil can also be used in both food and cosmetics, following a different production process. If it is used as a condiment, the seeds are first toasted and then pressed and the resulting oil is dark in colour with a strong odour. For use in cosmetics, the oil is coldpressed and is lighter in colour with a more delicate natural fragrance.

Pure Argan oil is rich in flavonoids, tocopherols, carotenoids and xanthophylls, vitamins and natural antioxidants, needed to contrast skin ageing factors. It is particularly suitable for older skin, due to the substances it contains, which visibly and rapidly improve moisturising  and elasticity.

The vitamin A it contains stimulates production of collagen, leaving the skin toned and bright. The vitamin E helps neutralise the reactivity of free radicals. It nourishes the skin and leaves it bright and firm. Argan oil is also a precious ally in haircare and is particularly suited to dry, brittle or treated hair, either used on its own or with normal hair products, leaving it nourished, moisturised and silky. 


​​​​​​​Anti-Aging: promotes tissue repair while smoothing wrinkles and lines

Anti-Oxidising: protects against harsh free radicals

Healing: stimulates the renewal of skin cells

Elasticizing: stimulates the production of elastin and collagen fibres.

Mature Skin
Before bedtime, apply a generous amount of oil to well-cleansed skin. Dab the product with your fingertips across your entire face, leaving a light, regenerating layer of oil to be absorbed during the night.

Eye contour area and décolletage
For an anti-ageing massage, use your fingertips to apply a pump of oil to the skin of your face. Apply gentle but increasing pressure and, using circular movements, work from the centre of the face to the outside and from top to bottom. For the décolletage, apply one or more pumps of product and massage from the centre outwards.

Make-Up Base
Distributed over the face and massaged until completely absorbed, it moisturises the skin and prepares it for application of foundation.

* from organic production
Note: Limonene from natural origin


The information given here is for general and informative purposes only to present the product and its purpose is to provide general information and as such it is intended.

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