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Natural 100 gr ℮ 3.4 oz DESCRIPTION

Antibacterial Draining and stimulating Relaxing and invigorating Dermoprotettivo INCI

Sodium Cocoate - Potassium Cocoate - Water - Olea Europea Oil - Hybrid Lavandula Oil - Limonene - Linalool - Citric Acid - Lavandula Hybrida Flower INDICATED FOR

For oily and combination skin and, in particular, for reddened and delicate skin WHAT IS IT'

Our soaps, produced by a process called saponification, or by alkaline hydrolysis, use vegetable fats. DID YOU KNOW THAT

Natural soaps are made from low-temperature saponification and naturally from pure coconut oil, obtained through mechanical extraction and free from refining processes, able to maintain unaltered the nourishing, emollient and restructuring properties .

'The information given here is for general and informative purposes only to present the product and its purpose is to provide general information and as such are intended' COMPOSITION

Their formulation does not include the use of coloring substances and alcoholic essences, but only the implementation within the product itself of only essential oils, so the CO soap is able to evoke the memory of the soap of a time. The vegetable and natural essential oils used are pure, obtained by cold pressing or steam distillation. They are volatile, soluble in oil and in alcohol but not in water.

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