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Pure, Organic, Vegan, 50 ml ℮ 1.69 fl oz

Cannabis Sativa, a species of the Cannabis genus in the Cannabaceae family, is an annual
herbaceous plant that grows in central and southern Asia. This plant has played a major role in the economy and society for centuries: the raw material obtained, hemp, has been used since ancient times to manufactures textiles.

It arrived in the west in the eighteenth century, due to the colonial and seafaring expansion of that era, and was used to manufacture rope and tow, but also "oily" substances (for lighting and power), "fibrous" products (textile fibres, clothing, paper) and food (flours and fodder).

The leading areas in terms of quality hemp production in Italy were Bologna and Ferrara, turning the country into the world's second largest hemp producer. The first smear campaigns began in the early part of the twentieth century, due to the marked resistance and adaptability of the plant and its abundant production, which threatened the prosperity of competing industries.

This was accompanied by a fierce debate over legality of its use, due to the oleoresins of the inflorescence, known to contain a large quantity of psychotropic substances. The properties of the hemp plant have now finally been acknowledged and it is considered useful and important for the oil obtained from its seeds. This oil is hugely valuable to the cosmetics and food industries, due to its acidic composition.

The INCI of Fruttonero pure Hemp Oil is Cannabis Sativa seed oil and it is a natural oil produced by Cannabis Sativa seeds. The oil is extracted through cold-pressing of the Hemp seeds, without using additives, solvents and refining processes, to obtain a high-quality product and protect its active ingredients.

Fruttonero pure Hemp Oil does not contain any psychotropic substances. Hemp oil is dark green in colour and has a typical grassy odour. It is rich inantioxidants, vitamin A, which stimulates collagen production, vitamins in the B group such as B1, B2 and B6, essential to skin functioning processes, vitamin E, which neutralises the reactivity of free radicals, vitamin F, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, needed for formation and regeneration of the cell membrane, and also proteins, carotenes and mineral salts, an important part of skincare. 

Normally recommended for care of the hair and the scalp, it is also an excellent product for treating acne and greasy skin.


Sebum-normalising: regulates excessive sebum production

Revitalising: renews cells and improves vigour and vitality

Cleasing: helps to remove excess sebum

Luminising: nourishes and brightens the skin and hair


Seborrhea and dandruff
Apply the oil to the scalp with damp hair. Rubvigorously to help remove dandruff and allow the product to be absorbed. Leave for ten minutes and then shampoo as normal.

Gently massage the head with pure oil for a balancing effect. Alternatively, the oil can be
added to a traditional shampoo.

Bright and moisturised hair
Apply a drop of oil to clean, dry ends to add vitality and shine. Apply evenly over damp hair to moisturise it.

Apply the oil to the skin of the face with a cotton wool pad. Leave for several minutes and rinse with specific cleanser.

Note: Hemp oil can be used in its pure form or mixed with other oils, butters or creams.
Pure Hemp oil is highly fluid and penetrates the skin easily. The colour and odour are the
natural ones of the ingredients.

The product has no fragrance, the smell is that characteristic of the raw material.


* from organic production


​​​​​​​Informațiile furnizate aici sunt de natură generală, informativă și de prezentare a produsului; scopul lor îl reprezintă furnizarea de informații generale, trebuind înțelese ca atare.


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