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Virgin Andiroba Oil

Pure, Natural, Vegan, 100 ml ℮ 3,38 fl oz

Price: € 18,90 inc vat

Recommended for

Preventing and combating cellulite.

Athletic types, for speeding up warm-up times and aiding muscle recovery by improving toxin elimination.



Smoothing: stimulates microcirculation of the subcutaneous tissue.

Draining: promotes the elimination of trapped fluids.

Anti-Cellulite: with regular massage, it prevents the formation of cellulite.

Directions for use


Cellulite: Apply a small amount of oil daily and massage using upward strokes until completely absorbed.

Softer skin: For soft, velvety skin, apply to damp skin after bathing or showering.

Muscle pain: To relieve muscle and joint pain, apply a small amount of product to the palms of your hands. Then rub together to warm the oil. Massage evenly into the affected area until completely absorbed.


Note: Should the oil solidify or become cloudy, simply shake or warm the oil to restore it to its liquid state before applying evenly.


The product has no fragrance, the odor is characteristic of the raw material.


Carapa Guaianensis seed oil*

* natural production




Pure, Organic, Vegan, 50 ml ℮ 1,01 fl oz


100 gr ℮ 3,4 oz

Pure, Natural, Vegan, 50 ml ℮ 1,69 fl oz

Pure, Organic, Vegan, 30 ml ℮ 1,01 fl oz

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