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Pure Shea Butter 100 ml

Pure, Natural, Vegan, 100 ml ℮ 3,38 fl oz

Price: € 17,00 inc vat

Recommended for

Women, particularly during pregnancy.

The delicate skin of newborns.

The elderly, for preventing bed sores and skin ulcers.

Skin prone to irritation.



Soothing: relieves irritation and inflammation of sensitive skin.

Softening: calms skin complaints.

Dermoprotecting: promotes tissue repair.

Nourishing: improves tissue hydration.

Directions for use


Skin irritations: Massage gently into skin after cleansing to soothe irritation from shaving, hair removal or sun exposure.

Protection: To protect the skin from the elements, apply the product to exposed areas and massage in until completely absorbed.


The product has no fragrance, the odor is characteristic of the raw material.


Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*

* natural production


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Pure, Natural, Vegan, 100 ml ℮ 3,38 fl oz

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