with organic aloe vera and calendula 500 ml

with organic aloe vera 250 ml

with zinc oxide and organic shea butter 75 ml

with organic shea butter 100 ml

with organic camellia, argan and virgin coconut oils 100 ml





The fun animals in Linea Bimbo, each next to its cub, find shade under the trunk of the Baobab Tree and decide to meet and party or just rest during the long, hot African days.


The tree has been there for 1000 years; that is how long a baobab lives to see the families of Virna mother Giraffe, Betta mother Tortoise, Tessa mother Lioness, Ludo mother Elephant and Gipsy mother Monkey grow. The baobab is an open-air game room, open all day long, teatime included! Its leaves are really tasty and the water collected in its trunk is always cool; a safe place in the middle of the savannah!


The new Linea Bimbo Bio by fruttonero natural cosmetics, conceived and created to respond to the needs of mothers worrying about and careful over their child's hygiene, is inspired by the Lands of Africa, by uncontaminated nature and the sacredness that each living being, whether plant or animal, represents for local populations.


A newborn baby's skin is five times thinner than an adult's. At birth the PH is neutral and takes a long time to become acid. It is extremely permeable so products used for a baby's care and hygiene must be safe and controlled; clothes must be in natural fibres and ecological detergents must be used.


fruttonero has selected top quality organic raw materials; to welcome the arrival of a new baby in the best way possible and accompany his/her daily growth. Hugs and caresses are the best care for a baby's skin! And the Baobab Bimbo Bio cubs, the giraffe StellaMiIlo the tortoise, Sirio the lion cub, the elephant Tiago and the monkey Zoe know that only too well!!!


The Bimbo Bio line includes:




DetergenteGentle Body-Wash

with organic aloe vera and calendula



BagnoShampooGentle Bath-Shampoo

with organic aloe vera




Protective Pasta

with zinc oxide and organic Shea butter




Protective Moisturising Cream

with organic Shea butter




Body Oil

with organic camellia, argan and virgin coconut oils




Bimbo Bio line products accompany mothers in all baby care, protection and cleaning moments, from bath time to when nappies are changed, before going out and when the day ends.


Bimbo Bio products guarantee a baby's daily well-being thanks to careful choice of ingredients used. 


Bimbo Bio line products are:


Tested on sensitive skins


Made using natural preservatives or identical to natural ones


Checked for the content if Chromium, Nickel and Cobalt (< 0.4 ppm)


Certified for Eco Organic Cosmetics and vegan cosmetics by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification)























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